FREE FESTIVAL+++++this is at bill gates house++++

Admission and Camping are F-R-E-E!!! This is an all weekend event, so bring as many of your friends as you can smash into your car and come camp out with us. All that we ask is that you clean up behind yourself and leave things the way they were when you arrived.


There will be vendors on site to provide you with all the most delicious munchies you could ask for. NOTE: there is not any running water on site, but water will be readily available for a reasonable price. Bring money to feed yourself and stay hydrated. Otherwise, you may be able to bring your own food and water. If you are interested in being a food vendor, please contact one of the event hosts.


We are trying our best to give our friends, family, and community an awesome experience; therefore, if for whatever reason you are disruptive, rude, or disorderly enough to be ruining everyone else's experience, you will be asked to leave. If you're going to be drinking, you will need to show ID, no exceptions. Please bring trash bags, and clean up behind yourself. If someone has to follow you around picking up your trash, you will be asked to leave. NO GLASS PLEASE!

As you get here, we will have markers and signs to let you know when to turn, everything will be easy to follow as long as you pay attention. Once you get on the property, we will show you where to park and where you can camp. We've got plenty of room, but the shady spots will obviously be taken up first, so I would recommend you arrive at least an hour or two before music starts.


The Mables // Undiscover // Wake // Specter // NOSE // Roman Polankis Baby // Oh Grandpa // Cloverclub // Young Wolves // Static Calm // Private Lives // The Broozers // Jungle Fever // Euphonic // The Hearsays // Evince // Hooray Hooray // Rusted Sun // Flawless Pursuit // Under Clouds and Surveillance // The Rumps // Queen City Heist // Really Bad People // 12 Gauge Gospel // Old South Revival // Josephine & The Wildfront // Jeremy DreamYoung Williams // Resistance House Band // GreenVision // Whiskey Angel // Bumm Da Poet // Since When // Runaway Rocketship // AND MORE!!